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Q:  What maintenance is recommended for my stabilizers?

A:  Every 2-3 years during haul out, the lower shaft seals should be changed.  These seals keep sea water from intruding into the intricate components of the stabilizer actuators.  Every 5 years the system oil & pressure filter should be changed.  During regular engine room checks monitor proper oil level and oil temperature.

Q:  What should the oil temperature be?

A:  The average temperature is 120-150 degrees , however the system is not considered to be overheating until 180 - 190 degrees.

Q:  What kind of oil do I use?

A:  For mechanical gyro controlled systems use 10W40 motor oil.  For systems controlled by the Multisea electronic control use a 10 weight 32 viscosity hydraulic fluid.

Q:  Where do I monitor my oil level and oil temperature?

A:  On front of the reservoir tank (AKA fluid conditioner) is a thermometer.  Surrounding the thermometer is the oil level reading with a high and low mark on the tank.

Q:  Where do I add fluid to my system?

A:  There is a fill cap located on top of the reservoir tank.

Q:  What are the 2 gauges for on my mechanical gyro system and what should they read?

A:  The upper gauge is the gyro pressure gauge and should read 400-600 psi (you will only show pressure in the "on" mode).  The lower gauge is the system pressure and this should read approximately 1200 psi.


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