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Shown below are a few of the many products that we can provide and install on your yacht.  If you do not see what you are looking for call us at 954-797-7330 Click here to go to our contact page.


MultiSea II three-term AVA electronic control
Enhances performance in a wide range of sea conditions, especially following seas.
Integrated Hydraulic Systems
NAIAD thrusters and stabilizer systems are routinely combined into well-configured Integrated Hydraulic Systems that provide common hydraulic power, fluid filtration, and system cooling. NAIAD Integrated Systems save space and weight, reduce overlapping and redundant components, minimize piping and connections, and eliminate cumbersome and inefficient hydraulic circuits.

NAIAD Datum display
Stabilizer Model 252
Vessel Length 45-75ft.

Max. Displ. 50 S. Tons

Fin Range 3-7.5ft²

One (1) of many sizes available

Thruster Model 10HT
Vessel Length 45-75ft.

Power 25HP (19kW)

One (1) of many sizes available
Custom Fin Guards
Developed by Stabilized Marine - protects the stabilizer shaft from entanglement from lines and debris












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