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  • From Bob Feldman 53’ DeFever POC M/V Zebrina

  • It’s very seldom that I can enthusiastically recommend a vendor for marine products/service.  However, I feel very good about recommending Stabilized Marine for any NAIAD installation/ upgrade.  Craig & Tammy are both terrific people to work with. 

  • From Bob Hodes 44’ DeFever M/Y Seahorse

  • We did a “thank you Craig & Tammy” on Tuesday when we got caught in a 2 1/2 hour wicked thunderstorm on the Bay.  Those stabilizers were truly a godsend for us.  I could have sold a dozen that day if I would have had some customers on-baord.

  • From: Dave & Janet Webster" M/V SOFKIN 39" KROGEN
  • "Now in St. Thomas, BVI.  Thank you once again for your fantastic help.  Our stabilizers are working perfectly, just the way we like. 
  • From: Hank Haeseker  M/Y Last Laugh  52' DeFever
  • My experience is with Naiad Stabilizers.  Most of the DeFevers I know of use Naiads and most of them were installed by Craig Calkins of Stabilized Marine.  I have seen numerous rave reports on Craig's work and based on my own experience on the Last Laugh, I recommend him highly.  He's done so many DeFevers he can tell you everything you need to know.  Based in Ft. Lauderdale, he has a mobile installation shop and travels to where you are to do installations.  Come to the next rendezvous and meet Craig and wife, Tammy.  They are regulars and are very devoted to the DeFever crowd.  Bottom line on Stabilizers is: They work very well.  Naiads are the most widely used by DF boats we know.  Craig Calkins is the guy to do the work.  You will love them if you venture out into the blue water.  You will even love them if you cruise the ICW.  Beam seas will be your friends. 
  • From: Walter & Ardra Withers  M/Y Dreamer 42' Bristol Trawler
  • I am writing to  express my appreciation for your excellent and professional service, given to us during the installation of the Naiad Stabilizers, on our 42' Bristol Trawler.  It is very gratifying to find a business today, that operates in the manner of good service, honest representation, and is so dependable when service or parts are needed.  Thank you for that quality.  I have shown your work and have told others about the  improvement and sea worthiness of our boat as a result of the Naiad Stabilizers.  Thank you again, and I will continue to promote your work and product.  If you want a recommendation or demonstration for anyone near us, I would be glad to show your work and to give them a test run. 
  • From: Bob Franklin M/Y Pipe Dream 42' Hatteras L.R.C.
  • You folks are something else.  Your unfailing support of the Pipe Dream since day one is probably the TOPS of customer relationships. 
  • From: John D. Venables  President of NAIAD MARINE
  • Just a short note to thank you for the fine workmanship on this job.  When you are on the job I don't have to worry about the quality, or the way the customer is handled.  You always put NAIAD and its interests first, and so we will continue to put you first.  Again, thank you very much for your dedication to NAIAD. 
  • From: Ron & Cheryl Roberts  M/Y Lazy Days 44+5 DeFever
  • I sent Craig a note with some questions about installing Naiad Stabilizers on my 44+5 DeFever.  Craig immediately replied with his recommendations and also offered to send photos on installing my stabilizers.  Craig is the most knowledgeable person on Naiad Stabilizers for DeFevers.  He has installed over 100 Stabilizers on DeFevers and over 400 on other vessels.  I would highly recommend him. 
  • From: Tom Beard  M/Y Northstar  49 DeFever
  • I think Stabilizers are always an after market job.  If you take a poll you will find that the only Stabilizers are Naiads and the ONLY person who should install them on a DF is Craig Calkins of Stabilized Marine.  He did my 49' DeFever.  I never met a guy in the boat business that knew what he was doing more then Craig.  He did what he said he would at the price he said he would do it at.  I have never been more satisfied with a contractor.  And the Stabilizers do work!!! 
  • From: Ginger & her Captain Joe Nicoletti   M/Y Escapade  44' DeFever
  • The bottom line here is that WE MADE IT and after 9000 nautical miles and 3 1/4 years our incredible trip has come to an end as we arrived in Lauderdale by the Sea, Fl. last Sunday.  This will read like the credits that an author may insert in the front of the book he has written, but we have to acknowledge the people that helped make this a trip of a lifetime.  To make it possible our trip of a lifetime, Craig from Naiad Stabilizers without which Ginger would have jumped ship before we got to the Bahamas (we call them tranquilizers.) 
  • From: David R. Topping   M/Y TOPPS 58' Hatteras
  • In the marine business, it is rare to be able to reach any vendor, once the check has cleared, but Tammy and you have gratefully and promptly returned each of my long distance calls and deftly answered my usually insane questions!  I have the utmost respect for your professionalism and knowledge and would entrust no one else for stabilizer installation on any future vessels I may purchase. 
  • From: Bob Theis  M/Y Snapper  42' Grand Banks
  • Many Thanks for your prompt service.  I'm always impressed by how concerned Tammy & Craig are for your customers.  You do an exceptional job. 
  • From: Bill Seiberling  M/Y Winona  42' Krogen
  • Thanks for everything.  You have a great product and you do a very professional job with the installation.  It was a pleasure working with you. 
  • From: David Potipcoe  M/Y Dragonwyck 42' Kadey Krogen
  • The installation of Naiad Stabilizers on my boat was superb.  I have owned three vessels over the years and I can say, unequivocally, I have never had a more professional, well organized Company work on my boat.  The installation is flawless and my boat was presented to me in pristine condition.  The boating industry is populated with people who do not live up to their claims.  They would do well to study Stabilized Marine to learn how to do it right.  I would recommend your firm without reservation to any interested or prospective client.  With a Handshake In Mind. 
  • From: Gary Hertzberg M/Y Cetacea 48' Krogen Whaleback
  • Rarely in the marine business do I find myself writing letter of thanks to someone who has provided service for my vessel.  Regrettably it seems the opposite is true and much time is wasted simply trying to get the job completed to an acceptable standard.  The service you provided has always been both timely and professional.  In addition, you and your employees are polite and always leave the boat as clean as you found it.  I can always count on you to get the job done right; for that I thank you. 

  • From: Walter & Jane May  M/Y WayPoint 49' DeFever
  • It was a great pleasure to do business with a first class, professional organization, a rarity in the marine industry.  From the open lines of communication to keep us updated, to the covering and protection of our woodwork, to the meticulous and expert installation job, to the overtime hours worked in order to keep the promised schedule, we have absolutely no complaints, and most certainly would not only recommend Stabilized Marine to our friends, but would expect to see you on the job again should we install Naiads on any future boat.  Many thanks to the whole personable and professional crew. 
  • From: Pete Barr M/Y Adscape 44' DeFever
  • "Adscape" is a new Yacht, Stable, Responsive and Faster.  With the Naiad system.  It steps over waves which use to roll the boat badly, now i don't need to find another wife.  This wife has found confidence in the "Adscape", Thanks to Naiad, Thanks Craig. 
  • From: Thomas L. Grimes M/Y Seaquel 46' Grand Banks
  • Many thanks Craig, for the truly professional manner and quality work you and your folks exhibited during the NAIAD 173 installation on Seaquel!  You did what you said you would do, when you said you would do it and left the boat clean and orderly.  In addition, you earned the respect of Lamb's Yacht Center who, spoke glowingly about the quality of your work, your attention to detail, your keeping Lamb's aware of your plans/needs and the cleanliness with which you left the yard as well as the boat.  Please give Tammy and everyone else associated with this project a "Job Well Done"!!  Please let me know if I can help you! 
  • From:  Ed & Violet Parker M/Y Sea Mist 49' DeFever
  • We departed immediately from Ft. Lauderdale to begin our seven thousand-mile Great Circle Cruise after you completed the installation of the Naiad Stabilizers.  Twenty five hundred miles later, I'm getting around to thanking you for the great job you and your crew did in installing the units.  Also accept my thanks for coming to the boat and giving me all the advice in preparing the boat for the installation.  I'm certain that your recommendations saved us thousands of dollars in yard services.  Again, thanks for helping Violet and me make the right decision in selecting the Naiad for Sea Mist.
  • From: Bob & Margaret  M/Y Tyla 44+5 DeFever
  • Thank the Lord for Craig's Stabilizer Installation.  They are absolutely fantastic.  Tyla performed admirably and the stabilizers, again, are great. 
  • From: Harry Duress M/Y Golden Eagle 44'DeFever
  • A quick note to commend you both (and John) for a job well done on the installation of stabilizers on the Golden Eagle a real "turn key" operation.  Never once did I consider stabilizers, in other words I was always a skeptic.  A few months ago while on a rocking and rolling cruise to the Keys with my fiancé, a conversation about stabilizers came up and the rest is history.  After the installation we sea trialed in a 20 knot northeast wind with approximately four to six foot seas.  I can now assure you both-I am no longer a skeptic.  The Golden Eagle with the stabilizers handled well beyond my expectations
  • From: Richard Davis M/Y Odyssey 49' DeFever
  • You, my friend, are something else. After receiving your excellent "hands on" information regarding the 140 to 170 degree running temperatures of my Naiad Stabilizers hydraulic system, and boosting the operating pressure from 180 to 500 lbs, I found that I really had no problems at all.  I can tell you now, that even Shirley considers their installation to be one of the better ways we have spent our money in improving and maintaining our 49' DeFever "Odyssey".  Thanks Craig, for your thoughtful follow-up
  • From: Hal Mitchell M/Y Sea Turtle 42' Krogen
  • I would like to express my appreciation for your recent installation of Naiad Stabilizers on my Krogen 42'.  They work great!  I think Kathy will go to sea with real enthusiasm now, in spite of our round bilge trawler and its former tendency to roll.  Tammy was great keeping me informed and handling all of the details behind the scenes.  You displayed a work ethic the likes of which I had not previously experienced and a professionalism second to none, I cannot say enough about the entire experience.  Craig & Tammy, please feel free to refer anybody to me who needs to know how Naiads perform and who would like to know how you guys work.  You are second to none.  There is no other place to go for stabilizers in my book. 
  • From: Rick & Tsipy Thompson M/Y ODELIA 56' LEN HWA
  • The stabilizers are great!!!!!!!!!  Don't know how we did without them. 
  • From: Bob Hodes M/Y SEAHORSE III 44' DeFever
  • Thanks for the very professional work you are performing.  You are living up to your fine reputation. 
  • From: Joe & Ginger Nicoletti M/Y ESCAPADE 44' DeFever
  • The DeFever is the best, bar none, but those NAIAD stabilizers made the trip possible. 
  • From: Pete Barr M/Y ADSCAPE 44' DeFever
  • Thanks Craig & Tammy for your continued care and service.  I picked NAIAD for the best but got you two as well.  The combination is the very best. 
  • From: Rick & Deb Smith M/Y BROULEE 42' Kadey Krogen
  • My recommendation to those adding stabilizers or needing service for existing systems:  Contact Stabilized Marine.  Craig, Tammy and their crews are knowledgeable, courteous, fir in pricing and committed to their customers. 
  • From: Ted Shannon M/Y HAPPY OURS     52' Grand Banks Europa
  • The stabilizers worked great-- and, man do those things work good!!!!  Very comfortable ride, everyone was impressed.  I appreciate the fine work that you did, and all the little extras you did to help me, and to make the entire experience better. 
  • Jere Chapin & partner Brad Chapin M/Y TURNBULL 42' Grand Banks
  • Thanks for a great job.  What a wonderful difference they make. 
  • From: Dean Wiley M/Y FLOATBOAT 42' Grand Banks
  • Another great advantage is the ability of the Naiads to neutralize the sharp wake of fast sport fish boats in a narrow inlet.  We no longer worry about turning into the wake but just slide down the wake on an even keel. 
  • From: Glenn Tuttle M/Y TOTHILL 46' Grand Banks
  • Down island, 10' beam seas were handled in stride, thank to the Naiad's.  For us they are indispensable for blue water cruising. 


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